Journalists, media, under attack from state-sponsored hackers

Journalists, media under attack from hackers: Google researchers | Reuters: ""If you're a journalist or a journalistic organization we will see state-sponsored targeting and we see it happening regardless of region, we see it from all over the world both from where the targets are and where the targets are from," Huntley told Reuters. Both researchers declined to go into detail about how Google monitors such attacks, but said it "tracks the state actors that attack our users." Recipients of such emails in Google's Gmail service typically receive a warning message." (read more at link above)

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Tina Brown, Newsweek Could Not Be Saved (video)

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When Tina Brown Knew Newsweek Couldn't Be Saved: Video - Bloomberg:  Bloomberg (April 3) -- Tina Brown is probably the most influential -- and at times controversial -- magazine editor of the past 30 years. She told Bloomberg about getting expelled from several boarding schools as a teenager, landing her first editor-in-chief gig at 25, transforming Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, and surviving in today’s volatile media landscape. (Source: Bloomberg)

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News Users Manual

Book Discussion News Users Manual | Video | "Alain de Botton talked about his book, The News: A User’s Manual, in which he looks at the way the news media shapes the way we think about politics, tragedy, crime, and celebrity. He argued that we are bombarded with so much news and information today that people can’t really focus on any of it. He spoke at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Rose Cinemas. The event was co-hosted by the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Greenlight Bookstore." (video at link above)

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New cash, new questions, Business Insider

It [Business Insider] said it was profitable in the fourth quarter (usually a good quarter) and that it won't be profitable in 2014. (source infra)

New cash, new questions for Business Insider: ".... Part of the problem, in classic publishing terms, is that Business Insider, like the other traffic aggregators, is not an expression of a particular coherent vision or sensibility that people are compelled to seek out. It is, rather, running after the market instead of creating one. Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Gawker, et al., have created true modern brands — brands larger than their revenue streams and current value. That's a digital conundrum, illusion vs. reality. You can look at them as works in progress — or as houses of cards."

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