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SkyMall, Time Warp

SkyMall files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection - LA Times: "SkyMall, the company that produces in-flight catalogs located on nearly every domestic flight, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy... after struggles to reach passengers who were turning to smartphones and tablets during flights... "

SkyMall loses its captive audience - LA Times: "... a new era of passengers packing smartphones and tablets means the catalog has lost its captive audience. SkyMall lost $3.2 million in May through September of 2013, the only period reported in detail by its new parent company, Xhibit Corp., an Arizona marketing firm. Analysts warn that SkyMall must modernize or join the Montgomery Ward and Sears catalogs on the scrap heap of retail history. "SkyMall feels to me like it's in a time warp," said New York retail consultant Bob Phibbs. "It looks the same as it always has."..."

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