New Forms of Media Create Equal Opportunity and Risk

Absence of Editorial Gatekeepers in New Forms of Media Creates Equal Opportunity and Risk | Greentarget - JDSupra: " . . . . Woody, a private person, decided to only answer questions related to his movie and refused to answer any personal questions, violating the readily available rules of the game and well established “reddiquette.” This approach immediately created an angry backlash from the Reddit community, criticizing Harrelson and shifting the dialogue away from his new movie. . . . For anyone as concealed as Woody Harrelson, actor or CEO, Reddit was the wrong social media channel, and therefore had a negative affect on his reputation, and potentially, the movie’s box office success. This AMA is now a permanent part of Harrelson’s online fingerprint, making it all the more harmful. This instance is an interesting reminder of the opportunities and risks inherent in the opportunity to self-publish enabled by new media formats. The lack of editorial gatekeepers provides unprecedented access to valuable stakeholder groups. However, without an editor calling the shots and effectively saving participants from themselves when topics and approaches are inappropriate, a high level of attention must be paid to the expectations of the community, particularly one as engaged as Reddit. . . ."

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