Journalism Is a Crime in Egypt, and now in the US?

US Congressman threatens Journalist Glenn Greenwald with criminal indictment -- is the US becoming a third-world country when it comes to freedom of the press?

Journalism Becomes a Crime in Egypt : The New Yorker: " . . . the situation for journalists in Egypt has grown so dire that Marai, now based in Doha, won’t even risk travelling there. The new military-led regime has subjected journalists to months of passive-aggressive treatment (obtaining press credentials has become a bureaucratic nightmare) and a few episodes of outright aggression (arresting several reporters on trumped-up charges, including support for terrorism). On Wednesday, the government opened a new front in its crackdown on the press, announcing that it would formally bring twenty journalists to trial. All of the accused are employees of Al Jazeera, a network that made no secret of its sympathy for the revolution and for the Muslim Brotherhood. But four of the accused are foreigners, with résumés that include work at places like CNN and the BBC. For Marai, who hasn’t been back to Egypt since the military came to power, in July, the message is clear: stay away. “It’s gone crazy,” he told me by phone this week from Doha, where he now works as a consultant and instructor for Al Jazeera. “At this point, people are hoping it only goes back to the way it was during the Mubarak era, and not worse.”..."

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