Apple and the 20-year-old reporter

Good read on Mark Gurman, senior editor and "scoop master" at -- excerpt:

Apple can't hide from a 20-year-old reporter : Columbia Journalism Review: "... Is Gurman a legitimate beat reporter? Apple apparently doesn’t think so.  The company doesn’t respond to him and has never invited him to a press event. (Not surprisingly, a spokesman did not reply to a request for comment about Gurman.) He attends Apple’s largest annual conference as a developer. He follows their big product announcements, which have an annoying habit of materializing before major exams, like everyone else: either via a live stream, if Apple provides one, or via the dozens of live bloggers who have more coveted status with Apple and land invites. “I don’t look at this as fair at all,” Gurman said. “But is it holding me back? Clearly not.” Swisher isn’t entirely sure Gurman is a reporter either — at least in the classical way one used to think of reporters. “He really loves Apple, but he’s not a cheerleader,” she said. “He loves the topic. And therefore he brings that curiousness into his writing. It creates a really compelling read. It’s much more passion than journalism, but it turns out he commits journalism all the time.”..." (read more at the link above)

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