YouTube Stars, Literary Lions

YouTube Stars, Literary Lions--

From YouTube Stars, Literary Lions - WSJ: "... Book publishing is just the latest slice of the media market that YouTube stars are venturing into as they try to capitalize on their online celebrity. Style guru Bethany Mota and “MysteryGuitarMan” Joe Penna now have television shows. Others, like video blogger Jenna Marbles, have radio gigs. Some, like comedians Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, even have movie deals. Stylist Ms. Phan and others are striking endorsement deals as companies seek to reach elusive younger consumers. Books are another means to market to the mammoth fan bases that YouTube sensations have built on the video-streaming site. Many YouTube content creators complain that they don’t make much from the site, partly because YouTube typically keeps 45% of the revenue generated from advertising...."

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