French publishers and Google settle

Google upholds its principles while offering help to French publishers trying to transition to the "digital world"--

Google cuts copyright deal with French publishers | PCWorld: " . . . The first component of the plan is a €60 million digital publishing innovation fund aimed at pushing French publishers into the digital age, "to help support transformative digital publishing initiatives for French readers," said Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt in the blog post. . . . The second part of the plan is designed to improve Google's partnership with French publishers to increase their online revenues using Google's ad services. "A healthy news industry is important for Google and our partners, and it is essential to a free society," said Google's Schmidt. "This exciting announcement builds on the commitments we made in 2011 to increase our investment in France—including our Cultural Institute in Paris to help preserve amazing cultural treasures such as the Dead Sea Scrolls," he added. . . . The partnership aspect of the plan, however, suggests that Google and French publishers will be sharing certain technologies in an effort to avoid future copyright disputes. In that sense, the initiative is similar to the settlement Google reached with Belgian news publishers in December. . . . "

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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