LinkedIn as professional publishing hub

LinkedIn eyes future as professional publishing hub | Internet & Media - CNET News: " . . . You've seen this deliberate strategy partially play out with products such as LinkedIn Today, the professional e-zine that aggregates and features top news items for you, and LinkedIn Influencers, or anointed experts like Richard Branson who contribute exclusive content to LinkedIn. . . . LinkedIn sees its future as a professional publishing platform. . . .  Influencers, LinkedIn Groups, Slideshare, people are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to publish professionally relevant content," Weiner said. "We think that's going to create a very strong platform and very valuable context for large enterprises, for small-medium businesses who want to target [and] engage with professionals." That's a lot of buzzword bingo for this: LinkedIn plans to hook you with business content you can't get elsewhere -- whitepapers, news articles, educated discussion threads, and so forth. When you come back more often and stick around longer -- LinkedIn likes to use the term "engagement" to describe your attention -- the professional social network can get clients to list more jobs and spend more on ads.. . ."

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