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One could say hindsight is 20-20, of course, but what made me sad about the sale — and I was very sad when I heard of it — was that these laudable and smart people could not seem to figure it out, and had to turn to a magical Internet wizard to do so. (source infra)

Open Letter to Jeff Bezos From ex-Washington Post Staffer Kara Swisher - Kara Swisher - Media - AllThingsD: " . . . . And it was then and there that I felt the first stirrings of the coming disaster that would soon envelop the Post and so many newspapers like it. Most of them never even seemed to see it coming, even when what was happening was right in front of them. It was there that I also first saw the extraordinarily stubborn resistance by old media — which still exists like some super-barnacle that will not detach from a sunken ship — to what the digital age meant. It happened every day — other reporters playfully mocking me for using email so much . . . or major editors telling me that the Internet was like the CB-radio fad, or sales people insisting that the good times would never end for newspapers . . . ."

Dinosaurs. One wonders if anyone in DC understands that the WaPo is just another example of how hopelessly inept and out-of-touch Washington DC is--particularly the US federal government?

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