The Intercept, Why Call It A Magazine?

Calling new media by old media terms --

The very public growth of The Intercept | Capital New York:“...You're creating magazines that have a following and have a voice, that's really going to help you with your business,” Bates said. “These magazines will have very unique approaches and to that extent you might see an individual mix of the business models for each one. We've started having conversations about what it will look like or are there subscriber opportunities. But we haven't begun to have those conversations in any detail.” There’s one other question that has given professional media ponderers grist in the last few days: Why call it a “magazine”? "I'm surprised by the question and surprised that it's popping up," said Bates. "It seems that the implications of it would be commonly understood. It's not like the internet invented everything. Magazines imply a certain kind of storytelling. Magazines are where people went if they were passionate about a particular area because that was where you'd find the best expertise in that area, or a diversity of voices in that area....”

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