Guy Kawasaki on self-publishing (video)

Author of What the Plus!: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, Guy Kawasaki, the original tech evangelist - Host: Leo Laporte - Guest: Guy Kawasaki 
Running time:: 28:41

Guy Kawasaki: APE: "Please visit the APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish Your Book website. This site contains all the information you need to buy, review, and use APE.In 2011 the publisher of Guy Kawasaki’s New York Timesbestseller, Enchantment, could not fill an order for 500 ebook copies of the book. Because of this experience, Guy self-published his next book, What the Plus! and learned first-hand that self-publishing is a complex, confusing, and idiosyncratic process. As Steve Jobs said, “There must be a better way.” With Shawn Welch, a tech wizard, Guy wrote APE to help people take control of their writing careers by publishing their books. The thesis of APE is simple but powerful: a successful self-publisher must fill three roles: Author, Publisher, and Entrepreneur. Guy and Shawn call this “artisanal publishing.” Artisanal publishing features writers who love their craft, and who control every aspect of the process from beginning to end. In this new approach, writers are no longer at the mercy of large, traditional publishers, and readers will have more books to read. APE is 300 pages of tactical and practical inspiration. People who want a hype-filled, get-rich-quick book should look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you want a comprehensive and realistic guide to self-publishing, APE is for you."

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