Hewlett-Packard and the decline in printing

Hewlett-Packard stirs more concerns with decline in printing - SiliconValley.com: " . . . HP executives insist printers, ink and related products will remain essential for businesses and many individuals. But people aren't printing as much as they used to, in part, according to some experts, because of smartphones and tablets, which enable vast amounts of information to be easily accessed from anywhere. And the experts predict the trend will increase, which could further threaten HP's bottom line. They are in trouble over the long term," said Federico De Silva, a principal analyst at the Gartner market research firm. "It's a big business, to be sure, but it's not growing. It's in a slow decline and we don't see it coming back." Gartner foresees global sales of printers and copiers -- which had been $50 billion in 2010 -- dwindling to $47.8 billion in 2014. Just this week, International Data reported global shipments of printers had dropped nearly 26 percent in the third quarter this year. It blamed the soured economy, reduced business purchases and "the shift in consumer spending to other products like mobile devices and tablets.""In business, my printing is down over 90 percent," he said, "It's just becoming antiquated.""

It's a digital world!

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