Facebook and Google are Better Positioned than Traditional Media

Facebook and Google are Better Positioned than Traditional Media...and How Traditional Media Can Fight Back - Forbes: " . . . Traditional media companies are challenged by what constitutes premium content. Historically, premium “curated” content was slick, glossy, and professionally created, and that is what was pushed to consumers. But that model doesn’t work anymore. Now, with advances in digital photography, the availability of how-to instruction, and content distribution, consumers are content creators. And, apparently the popularity of sites where consumers post their own created content is trumping that of traditional media sites. It seems that today, coveted content is really that which is personalized, passionate, and shared with those with similar interests. Their second problem is advertising dollars follow consumers who follow content. As publishers continue the painful shift of their business away from print media to digital media, they are not only competing in the digital space with each other for ad dollars, but also with the most sophisticated technology companies in the world, namely Facebook and Google…and it is not a fair fight. These tech giants can offer advertisers something traditional media companies cannot – real-time information and data on individuals engaging around content (Facebook with social, Google with search). . . . At least for the time being, Facebook and Google appear well positioned to engage their users, and to provide transparency and efficiency for brand advertisers. . . "

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