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Murdoch iPad daily failure a lesson for digital news - FRANCE 24: "Analysts said that relying on the Apple platform turned out to be a mistake. "This was a segment of a segment of a market," said Lieb. Jeff Sonderman, a digital media specialist at the Poynter Institute, said this is one of the lessons to learn from The Daily's demise. "Being the first-of-a-kind is as dangerous as it is exciting in the technology world. With few or no prior examples to learn from, you're left to try stuff and learn the hard way," he said in a blog post. "Research has since shown that tablet owners are 'digital omnivores' who consume media seamlessly across tablets, smartphones, PCs and print publications. To serve them news on only one platform is not satisfying."
Dan Kennedy, a Northeastern University journalism professor, said the reasons for the failure are now obvious. "It seems to me that in some respects The Daily was dead on arrival," Kennedy aid. "It had the disadvantages of a daily newspaper -- it was published once a day rather than continuously, and it was not well integrated with the broader Web -- without the advantage of the convenience that print still offers... A noble experiment, perhaps, but one for which few people held out much hope even when it launched." . . . "If you have a very strong brand name recognition and exclusive content that is available nowhere else, you can charge a subscription fee," she said. "If you publish news you can get anywhere you really can't charge for that, no matter how well it's packaged.". . .

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