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Print media vs Digital Media--an interesting take below:

Print Media: Residential Education / Digital Media : Online Education | Inside Higher Ed: "For years we have been print Newsweek subscribers. Now that Newsweek has abandoned print and gone to all digital I have abandoned Newsweek. Even with a "carryover" subscription (free online until my subscription runs out), I will not read Newsweek online. Why? Because I can get general news much faster and easier from Google News. Because general online news is a commodity. Perhaps my continued print subscribing to Newsweek was a holdover, but I enjoyed the experience of reading the magazine on glossy paper. I like reading my print magazines from front to back. Sharing stories with my wife by carrying the magazine to the couch where she is sitting. Watching my kids carry the magazine around, and in years past occasionally turn the pictures into school posters. What media do I participate in online? The key word here is "participate". I participate in InsideHigherEd because the community (you) is at least as important as the content. The discussions around the articles and blogs are one-half of the value equation. This sort of participatory media requires specialization. A community of practice. I go to InsideHigherEd for all things higher ed. Specialized news and an informed and active community. Perfect for online. I'll keep subscribing to the paper version of the Economist. The Economist is a premium brand, a reliably high quality experience. The Economist is media which I consume, rather than interact with, and the high cost of the print subscription is justified by the high fidelity of the reading experience. . . ."

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