TIME and its decline

"Instead of simply becoming another anodyne tub of liberal mush," Time could have been more--

The evitable fall of Time, Inc. - NYPOST.com: " . . . The problem was that “growing” the readership of Time and Fortune and Sports Illustrated practically required dumbing down the magazines to appeal to a wider and (by definition) less literate and less engaged audience. Time could have resisted the lure of this pitch, and instead focused on its loyal readers and readers in general — people who liked magazines rather than those who wanted the Sports Illustrated football-shaped phone offered by the cute girl with the headset in the ads. It could have doubled down on seriousness rather than draining its books of it — not to be pompous, but to define a new upscale mass market. But it went the other way and the serious market came to be defined instead by the Economist, which mints money . . . " (read more at link above)

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