Julian Assange's secret chat with Eric Schmidt

Julian Assange's secret chat with Google's chairman | Internet & Media - CNET News: ". . . Assange said the genesis of the site was in response to what he saw as a "crippled" information distribution system. "I fundamentally believe that disinformation becomes so easy to generate because of, because complexity overwhelms knowledge, that it is in the people's interest, if you will over the next decade, to build disinformation generating systems, this is true for corporations, for marketing, for governments and so on," Assange said. "And it makes the job for a legitimate journalist that much harder, right." Just as Bitcoin is a distributed currency, Assange suggests creating a distributed publishing system. "Every reference to some other part of human intellectual content, is precise, and can be discovered if it exists out there anywhere at all, and is not dependent on any particular organization," he said. Schmidt also broaches the subject of WikiLeaks' alleged threat to national security, asking for Assange's version, "which obviously we are sympathetic to.". . . ." (read more at link above)

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