Appeal of suit against Google e-book project

US court scrutinises suit against Google e-book project - Technology News | TVNZ: " . . . .If the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals bars the plaintiffs from suing collectively, it likely would be much harder for them to win a large damages award against Google. Circuit Judge Pierre Leval, one of three judges hearing Google's appeal, said the company's project could benefit many authors. It could particularly help writers whose works are more obscure, by telling readers where they could buy their books, he said. "A lot of authors would say, 'Hey, that's great for me,'" Leval said. Robert LaRocca, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, argued that a survey of class members that Google conducted was flawed. That survey, plaintiffs said in court papers, showed that 500 authors, or 58 percent of those surveyed, approved of Google's project. . . ."

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