Trends From Eric Schmidt's New Book

Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore--From Eric Schmidt's New Book - Forbes: " . . . . An explosion of self-styled journalists.While traditional media institutions decline, more lay people are diving into reporting their take on the news–and often doing it very quickly using services like Twitter. “As language barriers break down and cell towers rise, there will be no end to the number of new voices, potential sources, citizen journalists and amateur photographers looking to contribute,” the authors write. This is a long-term trend that will have both positive and negative implications. We’ll have access to more information and to points of view that have been ignored. At the same time, we’ll be exposed to more news from unreliable and irresponsible sources. What it means for you: Many companies already reach out continually to bloggers and those with active social media followings to tell their stories, as part of their PR efforts . . . as members of the public, we’ll all need to become a lot more skeptical about anything we read, see or hear on the web . . . . "

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